BMB KSP-100 Mixer



A state-of-the-art Karaoke sound processor with clear and high quality sound

・PC Editor is provided to setup each sound parameter. (EQ, Comp, etc.)
This model can create the best Karaoke sound for any room or hall utilizing sound editing software via computer.

・The voice effect feature – HANAMICHI – is pre-installed so the orchestra sound shifts from side to side while the singer stays in the center. (KSP-100)

・The Room Acoustic feature is installed to automatically adjust the sound field to all environments depending on the shape of the room and material of the walls, the floor and the ceiling. (KSP-100)

・An Anti-Feedback feature is used to ensure the best indoor feedback control.

・KSP-100 is made in Japan.

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Features & Specifications:

  • Mic Input: 4 systems
  • Audio Input: 3 systems
    • AUX1
    • AUX2
  • Video Input: 3 systems
    • AUX1
    • AUX2
  • Video Output: 3 systems
  • Output Connectors: 5.1 Channel systems (XLR type)
  • Sampling Rate/Bits: 44.1kHz / 24bits
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Control Connectors: USB (B type) RS-232C (DB-9 type)
  • LCD Display: 128×64 dots Black and White
  • DC Input: DC9V
  • AC Input: Adaptor (AC100V ? 240V)
  • Dimensions: 16.55″ (W) x 1.75″ (H) x 6.58″ (D)
  • Weight: 4.4lbs